Alongside my musical work, I have decided to work and develop myself as an actor. 

Whilst music is and always will be a massive part of my life, acting has always been the same in every capacity. The decision to pursue musical training at University and at Postgraduate level was completely right for me at that time in my life. However, the decision over what to study initially left me torn between my two loves. But why does this need to be the case?

Frankly, it doesn't. 

I believe that everyone is an actor in some capacity. Whether it's putting on your "business persona" or your best self forward for a date, there is always an element of performance in our everyday lives. This is why, when I chose to study music, I didn't feel that I was leaving acting behind. On the contrary, I was able to use my skills as an actor and apply it to my singing, enhancing and informing the way I perform. There is no great music without acting.

Deciding to pursue acting as a profession has reignited my creative passions ten fold. It has opened many doors I believed were closed to me. I feel energised, rejuvenated and excited to throw myself into this discipline with all my heart. To become a sponge to the information given to me by directors, coaches, and fellow actors. I want to take my love and passion for this amazing craft and really hone it, making audiences truly feel something. To move, excite, stun, shock and amaze people in showcasing amazing works, working hard, and remaining truthful.

Getting started isn't easy. It was never going to be. But I'm getting sh*t done! Showreel? Check. New headshots? Check. Agent? Working on it! Training? Check... sort of. The next step in my acting journey is deciding whether I can go it alone and use coachings and classes to enhance myself, or whether I need to go and train in an institution. My heart believes the former is the right path for me, but as always I am open to the possibility! 

So, in short, watch this space. There's a thespian amongst us...

Rachel Farago