What music college taught me about myself

Music college. It can be big, scary, intense, intimidating, and downright crazy being there! If you're like me, you go to a Conservatoire to hone your skill and follow your passion: to be a working musician. With things like language classes, song classes, research methods, performance tutorials, Alexander Tech sessions and opera scenes rehearsals, you're thrown right in to the deep end so that you can (you hope) immerse yourself quickly and efficiently into the working world of the music industry. 

But, aside from the obvious vocal training, what can I take away from my experience at Trinity Laban? Did I gain anything more than just these skills?  What is it that music college taught me about myself? 


 1) Nobody cares.

2) Everybody is scared.

3)  Other people's success is NOT your failure. 

4) No one likes to practice but everyone does it. Suck it up and go practice.

5) It's still completely OK to ask for help.

6) Going for things before you're ready: a blessing and a curse.

7) College food always sucks.

8) I can love a library.   

9) Vulnerability is a tool, not a hindrance. 

10) The real world is scary and you will not be prepared for it.

11) The real world is exciting and you will not be prepared for it,

12) Working hard is the best.

13) Cherish the facilities.

14) You'll be ok.

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