The Gothic Experiment: Day 5

After a wonderful 5 days working with peers from both Trinity and Laban, I am so proud of what we achieved! In our completely black costume, warmed up and rehearsed from earlier, at 4:30pm we performed a piece that truly felt Gothic!

Not only did our audience members take the hint and moved around the space, but they seemed really receptive to the atmosphere and we could see the uncomfortable expressions on their faces when we interacted with them during our nun procession ballet. 

Working alongside dancers gave me an entirely new way to approach rehearsals, work and my own physical routine and I am really grateful for the new friends I have made from this project. It proved to us and to audiences that "old" music, such as our opera extracts, is still very versatile and, with the right approach, atmosphere and immersion, an audience can have a realistic and enjoyable (if not a tad frightening!) experience. I'd like to thank the entire team for their hard work and especially to Beatrice, Charlotte and Lewis for keeping us in line and making your amazing idea a realtiy!

Rachel Farago