The Gothic Experiment: Day 3

Warming up with a great mix of yoga, meditation and physical dance, Lewis' start to the morning was most welcome after an evening of trying to get the multiple choruses (in several languages!) off copy! This again really helped me focus and connect to my breath so I very much enjoyed it.

Whilst we were still not 100% off copy, it became evident that it would be more useful to work with recordings so that we could absolutely nail our choreography and see what worked and what didn't. We did this with our opening specifically and I found this a lot more useful than having to try and move around with copies of our music in our hand. We found that, as some group members weren't nailing the movements, it would be best to simplify the moves which we all appreciated. 

We also experimented with creating tableau-style scenes using poses that embodied "praise", "punishment", "sex", and "blasphemy". As much as we loved these static images, we decided that it would be more dynamic to use movement instead of poses. 

In our later music calls, we found that the music was a lot easier to get a grasp of in isolation from the movement, reinforcing our idea to simplify the movements whilst singing. I practiced the solo lines I had been given in our "Sancta Susanna" piece and ironed out tricky corners and entries which I really appreciated! Separate rehearsals for all the solo numbers was a really good idea that allowed us to work individually on personal issues we were having with the music.

As the performance nears, I'm looking forward to putting everything together and starting to dress the space to see it's Gothic potential! 

Rachel Farago