The Gothic Experiment: Day 2

Starting with music calls to make sure everything runs smoothly, we started to pair these amazing extracts with a movement, narrative and drama! The session ran in sectionals again to solidify the work that we did yesterday.

The afternoon session was where we started to work together as a group more, participating in an improv class lead by Lewis. Here, we wrote down the word "BLASPHEMY" and created individual spider-diagrams with any words, colours, shapes etc that we associated with blasphemy.

After sharing a few of our words with everyone, we took 5 or 6 words and went off individually to put a physical movement to this word. We took into account scale of movement, sharpness, and speed to create something that embodied "blasphemy" to us. After sharing our favourite movement, we took the time to learn each other's movements so that we could incorporate them into our piece. This was a really good method of taking ideas from pen to paper that would be useful in my personal practice!

Following a break, we blocked our "Ihr Hexen" piece which would provide the opening of "The Gothic Experiment".We took movements that we had devised in the blasphemy exercise and used them alongside choreography during the chorus - although following dance moves whilst singing in German was much more challenging than we had first thought... Here's a video of us trying out the choreography:

Looking forward to continuing to explore more embodying of thematic ideas tomorrow, now I have to learn those German words!

Rachel Farago