Music from Beyond the Grave

So. Im doing it. I'm putting on a concert. Not just a lunch time concert for free this time: a bonafide, ticketed, semi-staged concert with other singers!  

"Music from beyond the grave" is going to be the first of several events I plan to put on to promote the engaging narrative aspects of opera and classical music. In the atmospheric "Asylum" in Peckham, London, myself and colleagues will transport our audience members to a wonderfully horrifying place of madness, death and the occult. 

So, why this concert? Why Halloween? Well, in short, just because. After seeing someone post in an opera meme Facebook page about creepy songs and villain, I got inspired and my mind turned to the Gothic project we did for our Collaborative project earlier this year. My vision is to bring pieces by different composers and create a narrative that fits them together coherently into a story line to show audience members that classical music and opera can still be engaging, fun and a little spooky ;D Also, you can drink as much or as little as you want while you watch: BONUS.

BYOB baby!

The process itself so far has been really interesting. A lot of love goes to Maverick Projects for the rental of the venue and all their help with the hiring and additional organisation. The singers for this project have also been a dream; up for anything and willing to help at all turns (Juliet Telford getting a special shout-out) and, even with only a small amount of rehearsal time to put it all together, it's shaping up to be a really exciting event. 

For all those who have made it to the end of this post, we'd LOVE to see you at the concert! Tickets can bought online at

Rachel Farago