First Term: Complete!

December 10, 2015

Well, we did it! We survived our first term at a conservatoire!

On Tuesday night my peers and myself performed our postgraduate opera scenes at Blackheath Halls to show the general public (as well as practically all of our singing teachers) what we've been working towards this term. Overall the two performances went rather well and I can thankfully say that I was proud of my performance and can only look forward to hearing the casting for next term! Additionally, the Sunday before Scenes I also performed in my first concert with the Thomas Tallis Society and put on a very enjoyable Messiah with an amazing set of players and soloists. I am very much looking forward to singing with this group again and enjoy working under the instruction of Eamonn Dougan - I'll keep posting updates to my next concerts.

So, how did I find my first term? Well I can't pretend that there weren't hard moments, a few tears here and there and some stressful photocopying, but overall I have had a brilliant time. I am so lucky to be studying something that I feel so passionately about as well as love doing. It's often easy to forget how incredible the opportunity I've been given in studying a masters at a conservatoire (as the youngest they've taken), but I am honestly so appreciative. I've made beautiful friends and my confidence is ever growing, so watch this space!

Rachel Farago