CoLab 2017!

 At Trinity this week we are taking part in exciting projects as part of CoLab 2017. An insight into a creative process, this week-long experience allows performers, composers and dancers to work together on new and interesting where they may not have the opportunity in term time.

To help document my experience of CoLab this year I have decided to blog about my experience of the week to keep everyone up to date as well as to reflect on the creative process itself. With daily blogs, pictures, and videos, I hope to show you all a little insight into the world of musicians beingpushed out of their comfort zone to create amazing collaborative works.

Working with fellow singers, composers, conductors and dancers, I am participating in "The Gothic Experiment"! Proposed by Beatrice Chevrot and Charlotte Osborn, our project aims to perform scenes from Der Vampyr by Marschner, Robert le Diable by Meyerbeer, La Nonne Sanglante by Gounod and Sancta Susanna by Hindemith. We want to create a performative experience to scare and push the boundaries of a modern day audience!

Rachel Farago